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Telerad Medical Systems Ltd.

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TMS customer service is open around the clock. Our priority is to provide Services to our customers within a short time. Our support engineers are always ready to online support. The backup unit is always ready if required.

Telerad Medical Systems Ltd (TMS) is a Medical Equipment Importer, distributor, sales, supply, and service company in Bangladesh. TMS started its journey in March 2013 named Telerad Bangladesh Ltd. In March 2020 Telerad Bangladesh Ltd form a new company dedicated to medical equipment named Telerad Medical Systems Ltd (TMS). From 2013 Telerad sold lots of medical equipment like CR, DR, FPD, OPG, BMD, C-Arm, X-ray Machines, Portable X-ray machines, USG, DICOM Printer, CT scans, MRI, PET CT, CT Injector, ECG, Hospital equipment, accessories and Hospital Management Systems Software (HMS). Telerad also supplied billing software, HMS, PACS, etc. We are importing and selling all types of medical-related items from different countries like Korea, Japan, the USA, Italy, and China. TMS is committed to providing excellent quality medical equipment for the customer. We have 30 dedicated engineers. Online support engineer is available round the clock. We have eight divisional zonal offices for sales and servicing. Sixty-four sales representatives are always hard working for marketing and product development and customer feedback from a rural area.

History of TMS:

Telerad Medical Systems Ltd (TMS) is a sister concern of Telerad Bangladesh Ltd which is the largest and pioneer Teleradiology service provider company in Bangladesh, which have only its Teleradiology cloud server management system in our country. Telerad Bangladesh Ltd was established in March 2013 by young and energetic four directors. Now Telerad Bangladesh Ltd has more than 1k+ Hospitals/clinics and Diagnostic connectivity for online reporting. More than 60+ Experts and more experience renowned Radiological consultants always are working with us for the interpretation of radiological images.

In 2015 Telerad Bangladesh Limited started a new journey in the field of Software named TeleSoft. Now Hospital Management Systems Software (HMS) is one of the products of TMS.

In 2018 Telerad Bangladesh Limited started a new journey in the field of Medical Services named Telerad Medical Services.

In 2019 Telerad Bangladesh Ltd. Started the Medical types of equipment imported from abroad under the name ofTelerad Healthcare”.

In 2020 Telerad Bangladesh Ltd. Formed a new company dedicated to medical types of equipment and accessories importing,  selling, supplying, and servicing in the medical fields named as a Telerad Medical Systems Ltd”.

In 2022 Telerad Medical Systems Limited started a new journey in the medical field with the collaboration of International Medical College Hospital and New Lab Aid Diagnostic and Hospital and this Medical Service was named Telerad Medical Services. 

Product Description:

General X-ray, portable X-ray, DR system (JPI healthcare- Korea, FPD, from Rayence – KoreaCR, FPD, DICOM Printer, Film ( SIGNERS- Korea) High-frequency Portable X-ray–SMAM (ITALY)Airtouch (Camera X-ray)-from LIVERMORETECH, USA, OPG- TRIDENT (ITALTY)

CT scan 16/32/64/128/512 slice and PET scan, Mammography, BMD, USG is selling from a third party in any brand.

OR and other medical accessories including patient care from CHINAPACS, HIS Software, and Medical Accessories are built into our management.

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