Telerad Medical Systems Ltd.

Telerad Medical Systems Ltd.

                              A Trusted Medical Solution

Mission and Vision:

  1. Manufacturing of medical equipment and accessories.
  2. Import, Sales and Distribute the best quality product from abroad.
  3. Continuous development of products quality.
  4. Assure the Safety of the product
  5. 365/7/24 round the clock services
  6. Research for new products and existing products.

Our Future Plan:

Expand our products and services day by day.

To establish Medical equipment Manufacturing Industry.

To establish Largest Hospital and Imaging research institute.


Safety Health and Environment Policy:

 Minimization of Environmental hazard: Based on responsibility for environment, we will minimize the medical hazard and polluted wastes through the efficient use of quality equipments.

Continuous Improvement of Environmental Performances: We will continue to execute environmental improvement to meet and exceed all environmental regulations and standards required locally and globally.

Effective Environmental Management Goal: We will set up the environmental goals and execute accordingly and will perform periodic audit to improve the environmental management.

Improving Environmental Management Capability and Communication: We will educate relevant personnel about environmental management and improve the capability of entire staff

Announcement of Environmental Policy: We will provide the proof of our environmental management principal if requested by interested party and deemed necessary

Our Quality Policy:

  1. We are committed to excellence in providing products, services and customized solutions to our customers.
  2. We strive to achieve our goal by the hard working with honesty and quality product supply and support.
  3. The backbone of the above is strict compliance to statutory, regulatory and safety framework.