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Compact Color Doppler General Imaging Ultrasound

ViV 20

Ergonomic Design:

Match the ingenious ergonomic design with the compact size, ViV 20 has remarkable adaptability which can fit variable usage scenario.

  • 21″ medical LCD monitor

– Angle adjustable

– Foldable

  • 13.3″ high sensitivity touch screen

– Angle adjustable

  • Optimized TGC Area

– Left placement

  • 4 universal transducer connectors
  • Cable Management


Pulse Inverse Harmonic Imaging

PIHI reduces the distortion generated by the fundamental wave, and greatly improve the signal-to-noise ratio.

ZClear – Speckle Reduction Imaging

SRI technology significantly reduces the unwanted speckle, provides enhanced tissue boundary and tissue echo for confident clinical diagnosis.

Spatial Compound Imaging

SCI provides better contrast resolution, reduces the speckle noise and smoothes the imaging of homogeneous tissue.


Zoncare advanced 3D/4D mode delivers amazing lifelike 3D/4D images. With ZLive, P7 has the ability to manipulate light and shadow anywhere in the images.

21 Inch LCD Monitor General Imaging Ultrasound

ViV 60

Ergonomic Design:

ViV 60’s excellent ergonomics may help have a comfortable examination environment and improve work efficiency.

  • 21″ medical LCD monitor with an articulating arm
  • 13.3″ high sensitivity touch screen

    – Angle adjustable

  • Optimized control panel

    – Angle adjustable

    – Height adjustable

    – Curved hand supporter could efficiently reduce hand muscular fatigue that provides a comfortable environment for daily clinical use

  • Exclusive holder for endocavity transducer gives the transducer a better protection
  • 4 universal transducer connectors with EasySwitch

    – An individual system ensures fast and reliable connection

High-efficiency Workflow

Multiple user-defined programming keys

Ten customizable keys could be defined as quick access of some advanced functions, one-key saving or one-key printing.

One-key Automatic Optimization Technology

The images could gain instantaneous auto optimization by one-click.

Visualize user-defined presets function (QSave)

Qsave could be used to save certain parameters in a specific application. To manage the applications, there is a set of management system served for Qsave. Users could add, delete, edit and reorder applications in this system.

Metadata and image postprocessing

With the new platform uSeed, images are saved as metadata. It enables various postprocessing of saved images such as parameter adjustments, adding body mark, measurements and comments, even the image is imported from U Disk or other machines.

Auto IMT

Automated Carotid Intima-Media Thickness (IMT) Measurement is an innovative tool for health workers to quick access the evaluation of the cardiovascular risk. Compared to manual measurement, IMT offers more accurate and precise diagnosis by automatically deliver the measurement of the intima-media thickness of the vessels.


ViV 60 has various ways to transmit the files including DICOM 3.0, USB 3.0 ports, built-in DVD. These could make the transmission more convenient.

Auto trace

ViV 60 supports PW auto trace, auto measurement and auto calculation.