Telerad Medical Systems Ltd.

Telerad Medical Systems Ltd.

                            A Trusted Medical Solution

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Telerad Medical Systems Ltd.

A Trusted Medical Solution

Telerad Medical Systems Ltd (TMS) is a Medical Equipment Importer, distributor, sales, supply, and service company in Bangladesh. TMS started her journey in March 2013 named Telerad Bangladesh Ltd. In March 2020 Telerad Bangladesh Ltd form a new company dedicated to medical equipment named Telerad Medical Systems Ltd (TMS). Since 2013 Telerad selling medical equipment like CR, DR, FPD, OPG, BMD, C-Arm, X-ray Machines, Portable X-ray machines, USG, DICOM Printer, CT scans, MRI, PET CT, CT Injector, ECG and Hospital equipment, accessories, and Hospital Management Systems Software.

Our Products

FPD (Flat-panel detector)

 wired and wireless FPD



DICOM Printer

DICOM  Printer

X-ray Machine

High Friquency 500/630/800mA

Model DRE 140/DRE 150

MRI Machine

ScintCare 1.5T MR

ScintCare 0.3T MR

CT Scan Machine

PET/CT, CT16, CT64/128,

CT 256 / 512

Our Dhaka Office Location

Our Client Location 

Our Partners